NYU Langone Health FuturePractice

FuturePractice is an innovation lab serving NYU Langone Health, with the mission of exploring, designing, and testing potential healthcare solutions. In partnership with multidisciplinary colleagues, the team solves problems, inspires change, and explores applications of emerging technology.


May 2022 – Present

Type of Work

UI/UX Design


UX Design Intern


Devin Mann, Kerilyn Tacconi, Katherine Lawrence, Steven Robinson, Javier Gonzalez, Veronica Alfáro Arias, Son Luu

Internship Overview

Envisioning the future of healthcare

For the last 10 months I've been interning on the NYU Langone Health FuturePractice team, working on building better experiences for patients at NYU Langone Health.

The team's work spans both areas of product and service design, and below are a selection of projects I've worked on.

While I'm limited on what information I can share here as some projects are still pending release, feel free to reach out through LinkedIn or email at , and I'd be happy to share more about my work and involvement.

My Role/Responsibilities

User Research
High-fidelity design
Developer handoff

Projects Overview

1. NFT x Healthcare Study

A research dive into NFTs and blockchain, and their potential applications in the healthcare space.

Secondary Research, Prototyping

2. Virtual Waiting Room

Redesigning the NYU Langone telehealth waiting room experience.

Ideation, Prototyping, User Testing, High Fidelity-Designs, Developer Handoff

3. After Visit Summary

Designing a new digital tool to improve the hospital post-discharge patients experience. Establishing MVP requirements and also prototyping a future-vision of the experience

User Research, Ideation, Prototyping, User Testing


NFT x Healthcare Study


Much hype exists around the potential of NFTs (an extension of blockchain) within the health sector, but few successful applications of the technology have been implemented in practical commercial settings.

With this emerging technology phenomenon continuing to be at the forefront of potentially being able to address some of the most interesting and significant healthcare challenges, our team put together this report to provide an informed guide on NFTs and their potential applications in healthcare.


Kerilyn Tacconi
Son Luu
April Chien

My Role/Responsiblities

Conducted secondary research on use-cases and current applications and helped compile the report
Prototyped a visualization of what NFTs and blockchain would look like at NYU Langone
Created recommendations to upper management on possibilities for utilizing this technology


The report includes current healthcare use cases, players in the field, and challenges with utilizing the technology. We also go into how this is relevant for NYU Langone and showcase potential opportunities for the organization moving forward.

View the full report here: NFT x Healthcare at NYU Langone


This project developed over four phases

Generative Research:
Gathering information from various selective sources such as industry reports, academic literature and journalistic articles.

Report Generation:
Synthesis and organizing most relevant information in a deck report.

Rapid Prototyping:
Ideate, design and prototype a scenario of NFT application for reaction and conversations.

Share-back Discussions:
Communicate and share with leadership members and peers for further discussion. 

Future Vision

We wanted to create a picture of the role blockchain and NFTs could potentially play at NYU Langone.

With the largest opportunity we found existing in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) space, we created a mockup of how NYU Langone's current mobile MyChart application would look if patients had the opportunity to have ownership over and manage permissions for sharing their data.


We learned that both NFTs and the blockchain ecosystem have a long way to go before they can be widely adopted for complex healthcare use cases. This is particularly relevant for use-cases related to EHR as data management solutions to solve interoperability, transparency, privacy, security, and regulations, and for managing access to healthcare information.

Though the opportunity with this technology is promising, it will require tremendous amounts of time, effort and cost for large players to both adopt this technology and switch over from existing systems.


Virtual Waiting Room

Under Development

The original NYU Langone waiting room experience

This project supports product enhancements to NYU Langone Health’s virtual visits. It seeks to leverage Epic’s customized waiting room feature by designing a branded experience that is more supportive than the generic one.


Kerilyn Tacconi, Verónica Alfaro Arias, April Chien, Son Luu, Steven Robinson Emily Reindel, Veronica Gragnano, Jackie Harootian-Abdelaziz, Sheila Keatinge 

My Role/Responsibilities

Hi-fidelity designs


I joined the project after the initial research-collection phase and contributed to the insight-analysis, ideation, prototyping, and user-testing stages of the process. Once the key features for the MVP were decided upon, I was in charge of creating the high-fidelity, development ready designs and working with developers to execute the final designs.

Developed the prototype based on the findings and conducted evaluative research to confirm design direction. Repeated this process until the prototype was validated by the findings. I also reviewed and considered relevant WCAG accessibility guidelines in the building of the prototype.

User Testing:
Assisted with testing the prototype both through UserTesting and with patients in-person at NYU Langone.

Handoff for Build:
Collaborated with product stakeholders on requirements and feature prioritization. Developed MVP solution and planned controlled pilot with Virtual Urgent Care. ​


After Visit Summary

In Progress

Identifying user-needs in the post-discharge process

The After Visit Summary is a print document that patients receive prior to being discharged from the hospital. This document contains detailed information about the patients' procedure and next steps they need to take after being discharged, but can be long and complicated depending on the procedure.

This project aims to improve patient post-discharge care plan understanding and compliance following hospital discharge through research and ideation for a custom feature beyond the After Visit Summary.


Kerilyn Tacconi, Son Luu, April Chien

Digital Solutions
Alyssa Gutjahr, Megan Rhinehart, Yana Babii, Joseph Soul, Holly Krelle, Kyra Rosen, Tanja Thorsteinsson, Heidi Prenevost, Estelita Asehan

My Role/Responsibilities

User Research


I contributed to the user-research, insight-analysis, ideation, prototyping, and user-testing stages of the process. I helped with determining the base features and creating wireframes for the MVP as well as designing a 'future vision' prototype of the ideal full experience and testing it with users.

User Research:
Interviewed patients, listened to discharge calls, analyzed insights from overall user-research.

Developed the prototype based on user-research findings and conducted evaluative research to confirm design direction. Visualized what additional features not-included in the MVP could look like.

User Testing
Assisted with usability testing through both UserTesting and NYU Langone patients. Did further user-research to generate insights for product roadmap additions.

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